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Top 10 small living room ideas

Making a small room feel bigger is all about optical illusion and making the most of your space. By using clever technique and tricks of the eye you can bring a real sense of space and openess to your living. Making it the perfect place to relax for the whole family. Take on board Lovell's top 10 tips for a small living room.

1. Choose your colours wisely

It goes without saying that dark coloured walls tend to make a room feel more enclosed and small. If you're thinking cosy - then thats great, but if you want your room to appear bigger and brighter then light colours are your new best friend. White will naturally open up a room by reflecting the light around it giving the impression of much more space. If you're not a fan of white - you can use different pastel shades of colour to create the impression of depth without being too plain!

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall

A large mirror above the fireplace not only makes a great statement piece but can trick the eye into thinking that your living room is larger than it really is. A mirrors allows for maximum light reflection around the room. If you have the option - try placing it opposite a window to reflect natural light for a dramatic effect. 

3. Dual purpose design

Clever use of space is a must when you're trying to make your living room look bigger. Choose pieces of furniture with a dual purpose such as an ottoman that can be used as additional seating and is great for hiding away small items that might otherwise clutter your surfaces. 

4. Window dressing

If you can dare to bare all in your living room then having no window coverings will give a maximum feel of space and generally make your living room look bigger. But if you do opt for curtains then try choosing a lighter colour that will blend well with your ceiling and walls - this will create a continuous block of colour giving the impression of a larger space. 

5. Not too close 

it sounds simple, but this tip works wonders. Pull your living room sofas away from the wall and see how much space you appear to have. The same appliances for bookcases and tables too. 

6. No knick-knacks please

Remember your Nan's little living room, full of ornaments and trinkets? As sentimental as they might be, loose the clutter. Leaving exposed surfaces and having a few large statement pieces will give a feeling of openness in your the room. 

7. Exposed legs

No, we don't mean without tights! In order to let as much as light around your living room, opt for sofas and furniture with exposed or raised legs. This will allow the light to circulate and accentuating the nature space available. 

8. Stripes

Remember how they used to say a pair of striped trousers will make you look taller? Well the same applies for your living room (sort of). Or the rug at least. A striped run will draw the eye all the way along it making it feel as though the length of the room is longer. The larger the rug the better. 

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